What has been said about OpinionDollars

Our panel is suitable for Americans of all ages who have time to share their opinions.

"The additional income brought by OpinionDollars is needed for our family."

"As a pensioner, I have time to answer surveys. They're a nice pastime and I get to earn a bit of money, too.”

"Every dollar is needed."

"What I like most is that I get my opinions heard and I can answer questionnaires anywhere as long as I have an internet connection."

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

How much can I earn by answering surveys?

The compensation depends on e.g. the subject of the survey and the length of the questionnaire. Typical compensation ranges between $ 0.50 and $ 5.00 per answered survey.

How can I get the highest income possible?

After joining, you will be asked for more information, e.g. your hobbies, media behavior and travel habits. Answering the questions is voluntary. The answers can be used to give you better targeted surveys that often result in better compensation.

How long are the surveys usually?

The length varies, but on average it takes about 10 minutes to answer one questionnaire.

Where can I see and redeem the rewards?

You need to log into your account, go to “Your Profile” and then “Redeem Rewards”.

How often do I have to participate in surveys?

You can choose how often you want to participate in the surveys. There is no minimum limit for participation.

Will my personal information be kept safe and secure?

Yes, absolutely.

How can I join the panel?

Fill out this membership form to become a member of the panel.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid in cash using PayPal. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can create one for free via www.paypal.com

Who is responsible for OpinionDollars?

The service is a collaboration between the Finnish company Leadmedia Oy and the Swedish company CINT Ab.